Worldwide National Trusts urge climate action

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The International Conference of National Trusts, which met this week in Dublin, has urged governments to tackle climate change. Delegates from 57 non-governmental heritage organisations have issued a joint declaration calling on governments to agree to challenging emissions reduction targets ahead of December's Copenhagen UN meeting.

Speaking at the Dublin conference, Simon Molesworth, Chair of the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) described the enormous change that has taken place since the first National Trusts were established, adding that today the movement embraces a whole variety of cultures, environments and peoples.

'The National Trusts of the world enshrine the principles of inter-generational equity and it is our duty to find sustainable ways to safeguard what we have today for future generations', he said. 'Iconic buildings and landscapes all around the world are at risk because of climate change. Time is against us and it is critical that world leaders listen and put solid measures in place at Copenhagen to tackle this global risk head-on.

Climate change is a joint challenge for heritage and Government. We're all in this together and finding solutions is vital if we are to protect our natural and cultural heritage for future generations and enable them to experience the pleasure and refreshment that these amazing places can bring.'