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Obituary: Emil Bosshard

Emil Bosshard died on 9 Febuary 2006 after two years of fighting a very aggressive Leukaemia, leaving his wife Veronika and their two children, Titus (27) and Miriam (23).

Obituary: Dr A E A Werner

Tony Werner, Keeper of the British Museum Research Laboratory, 1959-1975, and Chairman of the Pacific Regional Conservation center based at the Bernice P Bishop Museum in Honolulu, 1975 -1982, died in Hobart, Tasmania, on 21 January 2006 aged 94.

Obituary: Robert Organ

Robert Organ at work © Andrew Oddy

Robert Organ, who died on 11th October 2011 aged 91, was almost the last survivor of the second generation of scientists who applied their expertise in a handful of museums and universities to the conservation and examination of antiquities in the years immediately following the Second World War.

Obituary: Giorgio Torraca

Photograph of Giorgio Toracca

None of us are untouched by the loss of Giorgio Torraca, one of the most generous, enthusiastic, and productive members of the preservation community. His contributions are legion and directly or indirectly he was a mentor to all who work toward the conservation of world heritage. The listing of his achievements will be made many times in the coming years.

25 Sep 2010