Drunk Conservation Science for Conservators (DCSC)

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Friday, 30 October, 2020 - 20:00

The second session of Drunk Conservation Science for Conservators (DCSC) will be held on Friday, October 30th at 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST!

The theme is Oxidation & Reduction. The evening will begin by examining redox mechanisms through a 530 B.C.E. Attic black-figure amphora of Dionysus. We’ll discuss the differences between genuine redox reactions and organic redox reactions that occur in complex organic materials. Then we’ll deep-dive into the organic redox-induced deterioration of cellulose and natural dyes.

DCSC is an informal, educational, monthly Zoom series on chemistry and scientific fundamentals applied to conservation.
The sessions will begin with short presentations followed by discussion. The goal is to bridge the gap between scientific
fundamentals and practical conservation application. Targeting conservators of all skill and education levels, presentations
will be delivered in a relaxed, informal environment that's a 1:1:1 blend of graduate seminar, office hours, and alcoholic
beverage/mocktail/coffee, or tea of your choice. For this special Halloween edition costumes are optional.

For additional materials related to the DCSC sessions, Modular Cleaning Program, and Halloween cocktail suggestions please see our Modular Cleaning Program in Practice Facebook page.

This free series is open to all conservators, conservation scientists, and conservation students. Zoom will open Friday at
5:00pm PST* with presentations starting at 5:10pm PST. Attendees will be asked to provide their consent for the session to be
recorded before joining. Presentations will be recorded, archived, and made available to colleagues on a private YouTube
channel. *(8:00pm EST; 9:00pm Brazil; 1:00am Western European; 2:00am Central European; 10:00am Saturday Australia; noon New Zealand)

Click here for the Zoom link to the event: https://arizona.zoom.us/j/85284299075#success