Membership Benefits and Responsibilities

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Benefits vary slightly by membership type - you can choose your package here. However, this page gives an overview of our offer - and also the discounts we offer to make IIC membership affordable across a truly global community.

Benefits of membership

  • Eight issues of Studies in Conservation, the leading international journal in our field including a major archive of content, research and papers dating back to 1952 including articles from IIC's first Congress in Rome, 1961. (Students receive digital access to  Studies in Conservation and archive).
  • Exclusive access to dowload for free the most recent papers in Studies in Conservation, which are published online  6-9 months before they appear in the printed journal.
  • Access to Members' areas and Members' Directory on the IIC website.
  • Discounted fees at IIC Events and Biennial Congresses.
  • Opportunities to progress to become a Fellow of IIC – a mark of your seniority and expertise in the profession.

Membership discounts outside Western Europe and North America

IIC wants to make membership more affordable for colleagues who live and work in countries where salaries are substantially less than those in Western Europe and North America. We have introduced a a system of banded membership rates that follows the classification of countries based on per capita income used by UNESCO and the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

• Membership fees will be held at the 2018–2019 level for those in the more affluent countries within band 1.
• 25% discount for band 2 countries
• 50% discount for those from band 3 or 4 nations.

We very much hope that this will not only make membership more affordable for existing IIC Fellows and Individual Members, but will also encourage greater participation in IIC from countries where average incomes are lower, and which are not currently part of our international network. This discount does not apply to student members, as their membership fee is already close to the minimum needed to cover costs.

Discounts if you already belong to a regional or local conservation organisation

You also get a discount if you belong to a regional or local conservation organisation, in recognition of its complementarity with IIC. This 10% discount will be offered to all Fellows and Members (including students), who indicate that they already belong to a national or regional body (including IIC regional groups) when taking out or renewing membership. There is more information here.

Finding others in IIC - the IIC Membership Directory

As a member of IIC you will be part of an international community of heritage conservation conservators and restorers. You can search the Membership Directory here to find colleagues with shared interests. Please note that this search facility is only available to logged-in members of IIC.

IIC Fellowship

IIC Fellows are senior members of the profession who are elected by the existing body of Fellows. In addition to Individual Members' rights, each Fellow has the right to stand for and nominate candidates for membership of the IIC Council and to nominate other Fellows. Details about Fellowship of IIC can be found on the Fellowship page.

IIC Membership year

IIC's membership year runs from each 1st July to the following 30th June.  There are no discounts for membership renewals part way through IIC's membership year.

Conditions and Responsibilities of IIC membership

By joining IIC all members signify that they are in full agreement with and will abide by the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association of IIC and that you are happy to receive membership communciations from IIC by electronic means, including by email.

Please note you are able to change your communication preferences at any time in your account settings or by contacting the IIC Office at 

Institutional access

Institutional subscribers of IIC are offered a choice in how they manage access to IIC resources. Institutions with a limited number of staff may choose to nominate a short list of users as Sub- Members, who will be able to set up accounts on the IIC website (registering for an IIC account is free). Alternatively, those with many potential users can choose to share a range of IP addresses which will automatically have access. Please give these details to the IIC Office when renewing your subscription and contact the IIC office if you need to discuss your requirements further.

Member Data Privacy

All personal contact, payment and other information entered by IIC members is treated in complete confidence. IIC is a subscriber to the UK Information Commissioner's Data Protection Registry. See IIC's Privacy statements for additional details on privacy.