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Following on from the first review published in the December issue of NiC (Elitza Tsvetkova, Bulgaria), we have now a review on journals and various other publications from New Zealand. Submitted by IIC member Heike Winkelbauer from the Auckland War Memorial Museum, these publications are both in English and in Te Reo Māori.

While New Zealand is a bilingual country, conservation related subjects are published in the first language, English. There are however bilingual publications and journals written in Te Reo Māori covering topics focussing on New Zealand indigenous knowledge and development, Māori material culture, Māori history as well as language developments.
Mana Magazine has for example published an article about a wananga (workshop) held by conservators and the University of Otago in conjunction with Ngāi Tahu (Māori iwi whose traditional lands incorporate much of the South Island of New Zealand) to share knowledge about the care of collections and to assist in the display and storage of Māori taonga (artefacts/treasures).
While there are no conservation publications in New Zealand, conservators do see the need for publications that focus on local artists and local issues and use local publications and online resources for dissemination. Results of technical examinations of artworks have been published by conservators in art history magazines such as the Journal of New Zealand Art History but should be utilised more often.
Studies in Conservation has its place as a scientific journal, but it is important to have ICON and the JAIC as well, which cover other topics of great interest and relevance to conservation.
Conservation is not purely a scientific discipline and it is important that there are forums for discussion about technical art history, ethics, philosophy, treatments and so on. It is good that Studies in Conservation now includes Reviews in Conservation, which are extremely useful.
To raise awareness about research and developments initiated by New Zealand conservators, publications in foreign journals and magazines are of great importance. Ethical and philosophical discussions need to be published not only in New Zealand, but also overseas as large collections of New Zealand heritage are held outside the country. This will encourage greater international co-operation and collaboration in the preservation of New Zealand heritage (tangible and intangible). Greater emphasis should be given to the inclusion of source communities in looking after, and having access to collections to study and pass on traditional arts and crafts, but also enriching contemporary developments in New Zealand.
Following is a collection of resources available in both print and digital format:
New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials (NZCCM)
This is an online newsletter to share information about work undertaken by the NZCCM and their members at work places and communities. This Newsletter is available to members only. To see the website please visit:
Historic Places Trust
The New Zealand Historic Places Trust (NZHPT) is a crown entity, New Zealand’s leading national historic heritage agency and guardian of Aotearoa New Zealand’s national heritage. Their publications can bee seen at:
Atlas of plant material & fibres from New Zealand and the Pacific
This free-to-use database can assist employees and volunteers in cultural institutions to identify plant materials used in artefacts. Positive identification provides information on historical use, and allows for the targeting of appropriate conservation treatments, which may vary among plant species. The database includes indigenous, common and botanical names, images of plants, scanning electron microscopy images of plant leaf/material surfaces and optical microscopy images of plant leaf/material cross-sections.

Costume and Textile Association of New Zealand
The Association was established as The New Zealand Costume & Textile Section of the Auckland Museum Institute in 2002 as a national organisation to provide a forum for the study, research and conservation of costume and textiles.

Journal of New Zealand Art History
The Journal of New Zealand Art History, originally called The Bulletin of New Zealand Art History, dates back to 1972. Since 1989 it has been published annually by the Hocken Collections, University of Otago. The Journal of New Zealand Art History is dedicated to publishing a stimulating diversity of high-quality articles and reviews on all aspects of 'New Zealand art history'. This can include Māori and Māori-related themes, museology, photography, design and architecture are all embraced. The Journal draws on a variety of contributors, ranging from senior academics, graduate students, curators and conservators. The editors are willing to consider proposals from potential contributors so long as they relate to art from, of, or in New Zealand.

Art New Zealand
Art New Zealand is the major visual arts journal in New Zealand. It was first published in 1975. It is essential reading and reference for those interested in New Zealand art. Conservation subjects (not science related) have been published in this journal. The journal is published quarterly

Record and Bulletins of the Auckland Museum
Records of the Auckland Museum (formerly 'Records of the Auckland Institute and Museum'), contains results of original research on the Museum collections, and research by Museum staff in their particular subjects. Records of the Auckland Museum have been published annually since 1930 dealing mostly with zoology, archaeology, ethnology, and botany. The articles contain important accounts of archaeological excavations and ethnographic objects, and descriptions of nearly 700 new taxa (mostly new animal species and subspecies) – a major contribution to the documentation of New Zealand's biodiversity.
The Bulletin is a vehicle for longer monographs, and issues appear occasionally. The subjects covered are natural and human history. Nineteen bulletins have been produced since 1941. Proposals for library exchange agreements should be addressed to the Librarian. The last Bulletin of the Auckland Institute and Museum was No. 17 (1996). From No. 18 (2000) the title was changed to Bulletin of the Auckland Museum, reflecting a change in name of the institution.

Records of Te Papa
Tuhinga: Records of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is the successor to the Museum of New Zealand Records, the National Museum of New Zealand Records, and the Dominion Museum Records in Ethnology. It is peer reviewed, published annually, and collects together papers by Te Papa's curators, collection managers, and research associates on a range of topics, from archaeology to zoology. Tuhinga is published by Te Papa Press. Ordering current publications and back issues can be done by contacting Te Papa Press.
List of Māori Serials/ serials pertaining to Māori
Lifestyle magazines:
Mana Magazine
Tu Mai Magazine (E-journal)
Academic Journals:
Nga Pouhere Korero
A collective of Māori colleagues interested in history, established in 1992 at an inaugural hui at Rongopai Marae near Gisborne, Aotearoa
MAI journal: a New Zealand Journal of Indigenous Scholarship (previously MAI Review)
MAI Journal publishes multidisciplinary peer-reviewed articles around indigenous knowledge and development in the context of Aotearoa.

Journals written in Te Reo Maori
Te Kotihitihi- Nga Tuhinga Reo Maori
A new online academic journal published solely in te reo Māori. Topics range from language revitalisation, Māori history, tikanga and mātauranga Māori.