Textile conservator discovers missing piece of George Washington's tent

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A textile conservator working on material from the American Revolution Center (ARC) in Virginia was amazed to discover that a drab square of fabric hidden among some clothes was the missing piece from George Washington's tent.

Loreen Finkelstein was already conserving the tent, when she was asked to evaluate some of Washington's clothing at his Mount Vernon estate in 2003. However, it was not until last month that she realised that the scrap of fabric was actually the missing piece from the tent. Her hunch was proved when the two pieces were matched together; according to Tom Daly, the president and chief executive of the American Revolution Center, "the serrations actually fit together". It is planned to reattach the fragment to the rest of the tent before it goes on display in the ARC's new museum in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Working with a forensic scientist, Finkelstein made another discovery - that the tent, which is now beige, was originally red, white and blue.

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