Library of Congress' Preservation Research and Testing Division (PRTD) Virtual Presentation: Quantifying Transatlantic Translation

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Tuesday, 4 August, 2020 - 11:00

Marlena Cravens, a CLIR/Mellon Dissertation Fellow in Original Sources, hosted by the Library of Congress' Preservation Research and Testing Division (PRTD), will be presenting on "Quantifying Transatlantic Translation" at 11am on Aug 4th. This presentation explores the transatlantic relationship between translation, language-teaching, and New World conquest in the late 15th century. Research of New World translation techniques is supplemented by PRTD analyses of daily usage. The research using spectral imaging, FORS, FTIR and densitometry reveals wear on bindings, watermarks, marginalia, and dirty pages, and indicates that New World priests used language-teaching and translation as strategic tools for conversion and pedagogy.

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