IIC Mentoring Scheme

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The IIC Mentoring Scheme was launched at the 2018 Turin IIC Congress and we now are looking for mentors and mentees to join the scheme to share skills and knowledge throughout the international conservation community that is IIC.  

The IIC Mentoring Scheme will allow an exchange and fostering of ideas and is the chance for more experienced members of the international conservation profession to share experiences, knowledge and lessons learned with colleagues in a specified mentor / mentee relationship over the space of twelve months.  It will also allow professional ideas and experiences to be shared across the world, as IIC members from all countries are welcome to participate in the Scheme.  We are looking to match IIC Fellows as mentors with IIC members (post-Masters level graduation) as mentees.

To take part, send a completed mentor or mentee form to the Scheme Co-ordinator at office@iiconservation.org.  As a mentor or as a mentee you will be matched with a suggested ‘opposite number’ and will then agree what you both wish to gain out of this and both sign the Agreement Form so that the process has a framework.  

If you have any questions on the Mentoring Scheme, do get in touch at office@iiconservation.org.