IGIIC Meeting: The Restoration of Ceramics

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Friday, 29 November, 2019

THE RESTORATION OF CERAMICS: Study of materials and forms of degradation, design of restoration and conservation methods

The International Ceramics Museum (MIC) in Faenza, Italy

Faenza is the ideal place for a discussion of all aspects of the restoration and conservation of ceramic objects and this IGIIC meeting is timely given that it falls in the same month as the IIC International Training Centre for Conservation (IIC-ITCC) 2019 workshop on Scientific Approaches to Ceramics and Glass Conservation.

The study day is organized by the MIC in Faenza and represents an opportunity for thinking about a wide and multifaceted topic; which includes the study of materials and analysis of the state of object conservation, including operational aspects related to restoration methods. It is an important opportunity to meet professionals involved in the conservation of ceramic heritage, learn about new training education courses and for the recognition of qualified restorers. The aim of this event is to provide a national framework of experiences and research, which focuses on the restoration of ceramics, whilst considering the innovative aspects of new materials and methodologies.

The event also focuses on the training of newly graduated restorers from Academic and University courses in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. It represents an opportunity to reflect on educational and training systems and the study paths of young restorers in this sector.

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