Conference: Archaeological Heritage and World Heritage Sites: Towards Sustainable Management of Landscapes

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Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 to Friday, 6 December, 2019
Monday, 15 April, 2019

In 2019, the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) is proud to announce that the 2019 ICAHM Annual Meeting will bring us, after 7 years, back to South America, to Arica, Chile. The Meeting will be organized in cooperation with ICOMOS Chile and take place at the Antay Hotel.

The 2019 ICAHM Annual Meeting will provide a meeting ground for preservationists and local communities and indigenous groups in South America. The conference themes elicit contributions about legal frameworks, intellectual and TEK property rights, bioethics, aboriginal and community archaeology, and dialogue on controlling and mitigating the impacts of plundering and illegal trade.

This 2019 meeting will engage national ICOMOS committees in South America and globally to consider the themes within the overall context of “Archaeological Heritage and World Heritage Sites, Towards the Sustainable Management of Landscapes”. Shifting from sites to landscapes addresses broader communities engaged and impacted by world heritage designations, and especially indigenous peoples, their participation in decision- making, and their control over their indigenous places and traditional knowledge.

Conference themes:
Indigenous Archaeologies in Latin America: Archaeologists, Archaeology and Indigenous Peoples

The role of States, communities and experts in the conservation and management of the cultural and archaeological heritage of the Andean peoples of northern Chile

Processes of plundering and restitution of archaeological and anthropological collections

Public Archaeology and First Peoples (Indigenous) Communities

Competing Values: Bioethics in Practice within Archaeological and Anthropological Research

Two round-tables will be organised focused on:
Mentoring Session on Desk Audits/Site Visits World Bank Consultations and Other Professional Networking

The abstract submission deadline is 15 April 2019. More information about the conference themes can be found on the under ‘Themes and Abstract Submission‘.

A pre-conference programme will including:
2-day site visit to The Nitrate plants of Humberstone and Santa Laura, WHS, the Geoglyphs of Pintados and Tiliviche

1-day excursions to: Qhapaq Nan segment, World Heritage Site, in Socoroma and the Valley of Lluta; Chinchorro
sites in Camarones Valle; and the Archaeological sites and Museum in Azapa Valley

Pre-conference International Seminar “Conservation and sustainable development of the archaeological heritage at the World Heritage Sites of Chile”