2019 IAP Course: Retouching Modern and Contemporary Painted Surfaces

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Monday, 14 October, 2019 to Tuesday, 15 October, 2019

Tutor(s): Rachel Barker and Rebecca Hellen
Price(s): £345.00
Places available: 16
Location: Tate Britain

This two-day workshop, consisting of morning lectures and afternoon practical exercises, provides an overview of the materials and techniques to consider when retouching modern and contemporary painted surfaces – which may be composed of acrylic or oil paint, mixed media etc. and are often unvarnished and vulnerable to accidental or deliberate mechanical damage and chemical change. The choices of in-painting media and methods of application, aspects of durability, reversibility, surface sheen etc. are examined in theory and practice.

The importance of interviewing artists in order to become familiar with their working practices is stressed, together with considerations of the artists’ moral rights and how they might affect this and many other conservation processes.

While many of the case studies discussed in the workshop relate to paintings, practising conservators of other disciplines (e.g. sculpture, objects, paper) will find much of the information and practice in the workshop very relevant.

For the afternoon sessions, participants will work on a mock-up, simulating damage to the painted surface and then practice retouching with a variety of different materials.

Rachel Barker after 20 years working at Tate as a modern and and contemporary paintings conservator has now set up in private practice..
Rebecca Hellen is a Paintings Conservator at Tate