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IIC council in turin standing on balcony
The IIC's Council gathered in Turin, Italy in 2018. © Mikkel Scharff


Julian Bickersteth (International Conservation Services Pty Ltd, AU)

President Emeritus

Sarah Staniforth (National Trust (ret'd)), UK


Amber Kerr (Smithsonian American Art Museum / Lunder Conservation Centre, US)

Austin Nevin (University of Gothenburg, SW)

Sandra Smith (British Museum, UK)


Jane Henderson (Cardiff University, UK)


Juergen Vervoorst (National Archives, UK)

Director of Publications

Joyce Townsend (Tate, UK)

Director of Communications

Julian Bickersteth (International Conservation Services Pty Ltd, AU)

Director of Membership

David Saunders (Conservation Consultancy, UK)

Council members

Stavroula Golfomitsou (University of Gothenburg, SW); Barbara Reeve (Australian War Memorial, Canberra, (ret'd) AU); Stephen Koob (Corning Museum of Glass, US); Lorenzo Appolonia (IT); Tom Learner (Getty Conservation Institute, US); Alice Tsang (Conservation Office / Leisure & Cultural Services Department, HK); Eleonora Nagy (private conservator, New York, US); Helen Griffiths (UK); Rachel Sabino ( The Art Institute of Chicago, US); Isobel Griffin (National Galleries Scotland, UK); Satish Pandey (National Museum Institute, IN).

Honorary Member of Council

Jirong Song (Palace Museum, Beijing, China)


IIC Secretariat staff

Executive Director Sarah Stannage (IIC, UK)

Executive Secretary Graham Voce (IIC, UK)

Membership Secretary Tina Churcher (IIC, UK) 

Studies in Conservation Editorial Board

Chandra L. Reedy (University of Delaware, US), Editor-in-Chief Associate Editors: Dr Aviva Burnstock (Courtauld Institute of Art, UK); Dr Francesca Casadio (Art Institute of Chicago, USA); Dr Giacomo Chiari (Conservation Science Consultant, Los Angeles, USA); Dr John Delaney (National Gallery of Art Washington, USA); Dr Julio M del Hoyo-Meléndez (The National Museum in Krakow, PO); Dr Stavroula Golfomitsou (University of Gothenburg, SW); Dr Elizabeth Guin (HDR, USA); Dr Gunnar Heydenreich (Cologne University of Applied Sciences, DE); Stephen P Koob (Corning Museum of Glass, USA); Frances Lennard (University of Glasgow, UK); Dr Naomi Luxford (English Heritage, UK); Dr Austin Nevin (University of Gothenburg, SW); Dr David Scott (University of California, Los Angeles, USA); Dr Aaron N Shugar (Buffalo State College, New York, USA); Dr Matija Strlic (University College London, UK); Dr Ken Sutherland (The Art Institute of Chicago, USA); Dr Joel Taylor (English Heritage, UK); Andrew Thorn (ARTCARE, Australia); Dr Veronique Verges-Belmin (LRMH, FR).

Editor of News in Conservation

Sharra Grow (US)

Book Reviews Editor

Will Shank (Spain & US)

IIC Dialogue Co-ordinators & Co-Chairs

Amber Kerr (Smithsonian American Art Museum/ Lunder Conservation Centre, US)

Rebecca Rushfield Wittert (US)

Web News Co-ordinator

Kate Stonor (UK)

Digital Engagement Editor

Kate Smith (UK)

Facebook Co-ordinator

Kristin deGhetaldi (US)

LinkedIn Co-ordinator

Sagita Sunara (Arts Academy of the University of Split, CR)

Instagram Co-ordinator

Isa von Lenthe (HKB Bern, CH)