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Support the future of conservation

IIC's networks bring together seasoned experts with students, allowing the profession to keep ahead in a rapidly changing world, a formula which has worked since our inception in 1951.

We are always developing new opportunities for development  and forums for exchange, on and offline. All of this is funded by the generosity and farsightedness of members like you.We encourage you to  consider legacy giving to IIC for the future of heritage preservation.

An investment in IIC can be transformative:

  • £612 will provide 2 years membership to an institution in an area where conservation is under-resourced.
  • £900 will support a student attending IIC’s biennial congress.
  • £5,500 will support a themed issue of Studies available to conservators around the world.
  • £10,000 will fund the next “Dialogue for the New Century”.
  • £25,000 will fund the Congress preprints to make advances in conservation even more widely available.

Opportunities for conservation around the world

The Department of Conservation at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia has been given 2 years membership so that the students can increase their professionalism through working with IIC. Currently 12 institutions are being supported. There are more institutions with similar needs, but there is not the cash to pay for all those who would benefit. The Opportunities Fund needs a major injection to ensure its long term success.

Students are the seed corn for conservation

Student conferences, student poster sessions and students at our congresses are being supported by IIC funds. Although 19 grants were given for the Vienna Congress, pressure is increasing as the number and merit of these emerging professionals make increasing demands. The innovative Brommelle Memorial Fund needs constant topping up for the up and coming conservators.

Debate – Where do we go next?

Our Point of the Matter Dialogues are vigorous public debates addressing pressing issues in heritage conservation. 

Publishing the best, forward looking, papers

Conservation advances best when the best knowledge is made widely available, one of IIC’s core aims. Publication which goes beyond the well established has required support in the past and will continue to need it in the future. IIC will need additional funding to extend its publication reach, both in topic and geographically. When it comes time to consider a lasting legacy don’t just think about a gift… think about making a difference. Think about IIC Use the online contact form to get in touch or download and fill in the attached form below.