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Although the work of conservators is increasingly crucial in areas under threat, many conservators and heritage organisations employing conservators cannot afford IIC membership fees.

IIC’s Opportunities Fund was established in 2010 to offer free membership for a short period to individuals and institutions who cannot easily afford the annual subscription fees. Formerly known as the Professional Development Fund when it only assisted individuals, through the generosity of members’ donations, it now provides support for institutions.

What the Fund offers

Do you know of an institution from a country where the level of income or financial support is too low for the membership subscription to be affordable? If so, please encourage them to contact the IIC office to find out more about the scheme.

Institutional membership of IIC will be awarded for two years with the possibility of renewal for a further two years, subject to funds being available. Applicant institutions will be asked to fill in a brief form, describing their current situation and reasons for wanting to join IIC. Applications will regularly be considered by a panel of Council members against a range of criteria. Institutions currently receiving support include:

  • Yachay Wasi Institute, Lima, Peru
  • Ankara Restoration and Conservation Laboratory, Turkey
  • Pardubice University , Czech Republic
  • State Mufti's Office Museum, Brunei

Support the Fund: become an IIC World Member

The Opportunities Fund is small compared to the level of need and some deserving applicants will be disappointed. We encourage members who can to be become World Members, and contribute at the same time as renewing annual membership.

You can also make a donation here or by contacting the IIC office